What Our Students Are Saying About Us

Beverly F.

"When I was training last year I was quite surprised at how much more knowledge I walked away with. The trainer was excellent and believe me he kept our attention. I received a certificate for 2009 training but more importantly I had my three ring binder in hand to use whenever I needed help. Two days later, on Sunday Morning, I wrote an unexpected offer on an REO property and things went smoothly because of my training and my trusty Short Sale/REO binder."

Peggy R.

"I enjoyed the 4 classes that were covering the principles of real estate. The instructor, Joe, was fantastic and very knowledgable of the material we were covering."

Sheri W.

I was extremely happy that I went through the QuickStart program offered by Tarbell Realtors, as it gave me invaluable information as to what I need to do to start and build my business. It was especially nice to have different managers from various offices, provide us with information based on their own personal experiences on how to be successful. They covered areas such as marketing, contracts (both purchase and listing) as well as how to write a contract, just to name a few. Since I finished QuickStart, I now have the continued support from my manager, with my PostStart sessions. Not only is the QuickStart program important for newly licensed agents, it can be very beneficial to previously licensed agents who did not receive the proper training.